Saturday, May 07, 2005

It's 3:31 pm. I haven't showered. I'm tired. My mom won't bring me to Costco to buy the fundraising candies. THEN she asks me what's the fundraising for, when SHE was the one who said we should fundraise by selling candy!!! WHAT. THE. BIG. HECK.

Augh!!! This day is SO frustrating!!! It's a lazy day. I want to clean my room, and I was about to, but laziness kicked in, and I haven't got the energy to kick laziness out. So here I am whining, complaining...some people would say *****ing.




I need a fix.
I need a slurpee fix.
And a dvd fix. 2 in fact: Sixteen Candles, and Breakfast Club.

Dance is not cutting it. I was just dancing and it's not working.

Oh I know...I'll take a shower. Then I'll go in my room and see that it's a mess and my mood's gonna drop again. Nice. Whatever. I'll take a shower, do my nails, and see wassup from there.

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