Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I am tired of some people...a lot of people. Okay...one person. Y..e..a... I think I am tired of this one person. That person is a friend, or we're supposed to be friends, but s/he just takes advantage of me. I do not like people who use other people solely for their advantage. I know a lot of people can relate. When that person needs help and asks me for help, I help. I support. So what if I need that person's help? No. That person does not help. That person only helps when forced by that person's parents or if there's a bribe involved. I do not like that person. It's a good thing that I love that person with the love of the Lord. Or else, all hell will break lose. Haha, okay, hell will not break lose, but you do not want to get on my bad side. Come to think of it, you do not want to get on a girl's bad side. Yikes! I am nice, yes I am. People say I am nice and I am shy. I am an introvert, but it's always the quiet ones....oh yes! Hahahaha! Diagnosis: sense of humor still intact. Anyway, whatever to that person. That person's head became bigger too. Touche!

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