Monday, November 15, 2004

I get have fear when I hear about end times prophecies. I don't know why. Is this right? Should I fear? I should have nothing to fear because I am in the Lord. I am His, and I do not dare doubt that even though it is very tempting at times.

I think what I fear from is hardships, testings, and trials. I'm 19 and have not had much of a life. I want to fulfill God's calling. I want to reach out. That was prophecied over me. I want to be married with a family and house someday. That was also prophecied over me. Is my life and generation going to experience spiritual hardships?

I fear because I am not sure which view is right: pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib. Nobody is ever sure. My church believes in pre-trib, but we highly acknowledge that there are different view points and nobody is sure. What we push is the state of being ready: ready to face God and/or ready to face tribulations. It is just our hope that the Lord will spare His children the suffering, but who knows but Him?

I don't want to fear. That was part of the prophecy too. Well, it is not so much as prophecy but a two different people who do not know each two different states. They both prayed for my fear to go away. I do not want to fear. I do not know why I do.

Maybe I fear because I feel that I have not done enough for the Lord, which I haven't. Maybe I fear for the lives of the unbelieving people I know. Maybe I fear the uncertainty. Maybe I fear the worry of falling away in the face of tribulation or death.

Worrying is fleeting. I'm getting a headache. I'm going to sleep now.

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