Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So yea...that diet...I think I might have actually lost 10 lbs. Then again, our scale is whacked. WELL...I prolly killed it 'cuz this morning I ate rice with pieces of hotdog and egg. Like 3 half bowls serving. And it was white rice. So there. What I lost, I might have gained! Haha! I hope not though, but like...okay...I ate rice. That sounds like it's a bad thing. I'm not going on a diet anymore man. That's whacked. Diets are not for me. Working out is not for me either. Running is not for me. So maybe losing weight and being thinner than I am now is not for me.! What's for me? DANCE is for me. I sweat more when I dance as opposed to when I jog. I jog, not run. Running kills me. My heartbeat goes faster after 5 minutes of dancing than 30 minutes of jogging. After I jog or sprint (I can sprint) I'm just out of breath. I don't feel healthy at all. DANCE is my thing.

I was dancing our Father's Day Dance last night and I sweat. It was like "whoo!" or "whew!" I got dizzy too. I was choreographing it and doing the turns over and over again, varying it, making new made me dizzy. That's fine. The dance is done. Praise the Lord! The Holy Spirit danced with me, that's why. Now...all is left is to teach it, practice it, and remember it...haha! Jk, I remember...I think =D

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