Thursday, June 03, 2004

It's so interesting what you find when you google someone's name. Especially the first names! Here's what I found on Emergers' first names (not all hits of course, interesting ones):

Angela (me) - instruments, guitars, etc
sites for: angela anaconda (cartoon), angela bassett, angela lansbury
"angela official site" - some japanese girl
found a 4-6 yrs old girl named Angela Norman

"exotic partners" - sorry girl! ahahahaha! i didn't click on the link
definereality's xanga page - Jennifer's xanga, saw: "me, my sister, kristine, amafel, and jermaine" entry for thanksgiving

Kristine - pop artist - singer

"Clarissa Explains It All"
"offical Clarissa Home Page" - some singer participates w/

The College of St. Catherine - private Catholic women's college
Catherine Zeta-Jones
St. Catherine's College

"" - didn't bother to click it
whoa...a lot of porn sites....

Desirae Ann
"My Family" - family geneology

"maryjoyce" - Mary Joyce Eakin Farek

Marvie - a Marvelous 3 fan site

Michelle - fine art nude photography (didn't click link)

Lisa - Localization Industry Standards Association - Lisa Explains It All (competition??? haha) tuturiol help for kids site

Norman - antivirus thing - news, something like that

Ebenezer - Ebenezer Christian Resources - Ebenezer Emergency Fund, Operation Exodus


Ezekiel - skater's clothing brand
catholic encyclopedia: ezekiel

Joshua - some guys online journal - Joshua Davis studio

Ronald McDonald House Charities - Home - McDonald's kids page

sites on: Jermaine Jackson, Jermaine Rogers, Jermain Dupri, Jermain O'Neal

Jeffrey - Jeffrey Zeldman Daily Report

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