Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It's 10:04 pm, I should be sleeping by now. Ay, ay, ay. I went shopping. I used my card. Uh-oh. I don't wanna get hooked, ya' know? Like I use it and pay only the $10 due. Then the balance gains interest and I get into credit card debt. AHHHHH!!!! NOOOOO! No, in Jesus' Name! I will not. Haha...I won't. I know I won't. My mom though. Keeps making me buy stuff with it. I want my reimbursement! Norman!!! $67!!! My checking balance went waay down cuz of the groceries I had to pay for last month. Sheez...my family's groceries and I had to pay for it cuz I used my card. MAYN!!!! I give. This sux. Whatever. So yea...I went shopping. I bought a top. Again. =/ But see, the first one, I bought with a gift card. So it kinds doesn't count, cuz I didn't spend my own money. Erm...why am I blogging??? My mom's comp's still on. I'm tired of working on the website! That's what I do everytime I come home. THAT and watch soap operas. Haha.

Oh, I was on this diet. 3 days, lose 10 lbs (results vary). That's not healthy. Guess what. I did it. This is my last night on it. I was suffering. Weird thing though...they allowed low cal diet soda. So I bought Pepsi Vanilla cuz I wanted something else 'sides water in me. It has 0 calories...I prolly finished half of it already in 2 days. Hahahahaha!!! So I weighed myself before I went on it. And I weighed myself today. Our scale's whacked. Depending on the way my feet are positioned, depending on if I stand up straight or slouch a little, depending if I only bend my neck a bit to look down or bend it extended to look down...my weight changes 5-8 lbs. It's like....ohk....Joyce's not gonna like this...this ain't healthy. I think I lost 5 lbs...koo, but doesn't sound healthy. Oh and BEETS! Man...I don't like em, but I can eat em. Tastes kinda like corn...I had to eat 1/2 canteloupe and the one we had was oblong...not circle...elongated circle. That's a whole lot of fruit. And a cup of cottage cheese...GROSS. I do not eat cottage cheese alone. Haha...Nanay cooked pansit and other food today for the official opening of the cell in Mary's house (right next door to ours). I saved some...a lot...in tupperware for tomorrow. =D HAHAHA!

Uh...10:36 pm...I should sleep.

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