Thursday, May 06, 2004

Needs of College Students (from Bolded comments are from me.

1. Students are seeking a place to belong.
That's true, but college students? Could be true, but from where I stand, it seems as if college students pretty much know where they belong. They (we) have no time to try to find a place where we belong. If we're not accepted somewhere, we can go somewhere else, or just be by ourselves. Maybe this is just true for Emerge, I don't know, but who has the time to find a place to belong? Maybe that's the problem...

2. Many come from dysfunctional families. They seek a stable environment and people to love them.
Many are dysfunctional on their own! Haha...stable environment, someone that loves them...yea. I would say yes, even with the collegians of Emerge--wanting a place of our own at such a young age...and getting married before we get too old...thing is: we're not old! Really...but time flies so fast.

3. Students today experience and/or are aware of abuse. They are looking for people who do not take advantage of them physically or sexually.
Or emotionally...mentally...spiritually...

4. Collegians live with repressed emotions. They are seeking a support group that understands their emotions and accepts them for who they are and who they want to become.

5. They are seeking a sexual identity. Students see more severe consequences of morality. With sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, students are seeking ways to remain sexually pure. off! so off...I don't see collegians trying to remain sexually pure...psh...I don't see high schoolers trying to remain sexually pure. Christian OR NOT Christian. This's morals. I believe that Emerge has learned lessons, though. I hope so. How many times have we been bombarded with sex talks and purity talks. The relationship drama went down. Maybe we got tired of it. There are still some going on. Fine, hope nothing wrong is going on. But's about time we quieted down.

6. Students today demonstrate a lack of commitment - yet they are willing to join most anything that will address the needs in their lives. They have no brand loyalty, including the church.
Well...I hope Emergers have loyalty to our church. ESPECIALLY the ones in ministry. Emerge collegians seems pretty commited though...I think.

7. Students today want personal contact. They want to know the people they go to class/church with. They want to know if these people can be friends.
Um yea...well, sure, yes, contact, but Emerge collegians know each other. Our church isn't big...not yet!

8. Students experience more stress and have a need to learn how to relax and enjoy more of life. Is there more to life than a college dorm on Saturday night?
College dorm: no. Stress: yes. Relax and enjoy more of life: yes, yes, yes. Haha! There are no Emerge collegians living in a dorm. I would have but God didn't have that so. Maybe someday, I could, but it's just that there are so much going on during the week, that I don't want to be commuting all the time. Well...I would either way, anyway, huh. Wow...stress is definitely with us. Relax and enjoy more of life. Oh I wish...

9. They seek traditional lives in nontraditional ways. They may postpone marriage and children until they establish their careers. Being well-off financially is more important than developing a meaningful faith.
Not to me. Not for most Emerge, now I'm rethinking that. Haha! Yes, I believe that there are those who value being well-off financially, but I know that all value a meaningful faith first. Though there are those who would pursue a money making career before pursuing a career from God that makes less money, and there are probably those that would pursue a career first, before family. Probably not the girls though. Definitely the guys. Haha! Though, I know that, maybe not all, but some of the girls (including myself) want to have a their own home before getting married.

10. Students have a hunger for spiritual truth. They need to internalize their faith. Yet many are giving less energy to developing their own spiritual lives.
Wow. Yes, that is true. Mmmhmm...

11. Collegians are highly skeptical but generally respond to people who are authentic with them.
Either that or we're gullible.

12. Students have limited time, therefore they make choices more carefully about what they do and don't do. If a program begins to weaken, your program may not be meeting his needs.
Yes, limited time, yes. Mmhmm...but...what program? Even before we went into the G12, we had no program, except for youth night. We should have had a small group ministry with people we can talk to, vent to. Now we have the cell. That's good, very good.

13. Students endeavor to discover their strengths and weaknesses, to see who they are and how they relate to and affect their world. They have a need to discover their own identity - who they are.
Some apparently know their strengths and weaknesses...until it bites them in the rear. Hahaha! Okay, okay, how many times have we also heard that before?

14. Students need to understand the importance of Christian fellowship.
We do, oh yes, we do. Sometimes, a little too much. It's good, as long as we're not off track.

15. Students are creating a new family every day.
Are we? We seem to be a family already. Oh wait...just the collegians? Okay...well, let's see. That's two families: one for the ladies, and one of the guys. Haha. Homogenous, correct? Cuz check it out...guy/lady "family" does NOT work. *ahem* Remember THE CORE? yea...

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