Thursday, May 20, 2004

It's 9:49 pm. I want to sleep by 10pm, but I doubt I will. I have two essays to write, and a whole ton of stuff to print out. I have English finals tomorrow at 9:40am, and the essays and stuff to print out is for that class. It's part of my portfolio I have to turn in. Oh, and yay...I have to make a table of contents. Man oh man... I have writer's block too. Ahhhh...I don't know what to write! Sheeeez...and the essays are not that hard! I started one of the essays, and I can't find it on file. I slept till 12:45 am today. I didn't go to work. Then I brought my nanay to the dentist at 1pm. She said she only had to pick up something, but no...we left there at 2:30pm. Oh my goodness!!! Arrrrr...I WANT to live by myself. Where is my husband anyway? I need him to take me away.

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