Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I want to marry a prince. A Christian, Pentecostal Holiness prince who loves the Lord and the G12 vision. Our country is the country-name branch of my church! I still get to travel in mission trips. We'll have a fund set up to support the Nets and activities, and other ministry activities. We will have children, an adopted child, and a sponsor child =D We'll live in a castle...oooh....and we'll have cell groups in our home!!! My children will be multi-lingual, so is my prince husband...oh, oh...king. Oooh, I'll be princess! Or a queen! Yay! Our country will be a Pentecostal Holiness country! Ahaha! Christian at the least, loving God, under the G12 vision! Yay! We'll have no povertry, or political uprising, or anything like that. There is no dictatorship, because the prince has a cabinet thingy. Yea...

*What an imagination. A country like that, none to say the prince and me! Ahahaha...okay, so I just had to insert the movie in there!*


When I'm married, I want my husband and I to have a sponsor child, and we will adopt a child. I know that it is very costly, but God will make a way. I want even just one child to have a chance at an easier life than the one he or she is living at that moment.

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