Sunday, May 16, 2004

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

I went to Lyz's Birthday BBQ today. It was fun to be able to just kick it with Lyz, her family, some friends, Carina, and Antonio. That beef thing was DELICIOUS. The cold is coming down on me though. Ahh...go away in Jesus' Name!


I can't really sense the spirit of places or people. I pray I will someday. Probably I will when God says I'm ready to. I know what is wrong though, and I know when someone is wrong. If I talk to the person, I can pinpoint what spirit they have. I can see influenced. Sometimes I couldn't if I allow myself to be blind. Sometimes I do that. What was that Shakespeare quote used in The Prince and Me? That applied to me before.

I don't like influence. I really don't. I don't like influence on me. I don't like influence of others on others. I don't like my influence on others. Some influence are good, but some are bad, and that is an understatement. I don't like it when others are influenced in a negative way and they don't know it, nor will they acknowledge it if told. I don't like it when I think I might have had a negative influence on someone else. "Being yourself" is not actually possible. Who are you? How are you the way you are? Influence. You are the way you are because of the influence in your life since the day you were born up to right this very second. We could not escape influence.

I don't like hypocrites. Oh yes...we are all hypocrites are a time or another, but some more than others, and some are much more obvious. I don't like hypcorite preachers. It's hard to break down their influence on other people, but then again, their true character shows up sooner or later and the people just realize it on their own.

I don't like youth who think they are mature when they are not. I don't like youth who cannot admit that they are wrong. I don't like youth who are told by those in authority that they are wrong, and they STILL won't change. Stubborn spirit.

I don't like youth who believe they have "experience" and so they know better. Haha. They make me laugh. Do they think that by having experience, they know better? Not if they did not learn from that experience, and no. Those who have not "been there and done that" are as knowledgable as those who have.

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