Tuesday, April 27, 2004


It's 1:20 am. I was writing my English paper (online class) when my laptop breaks down. I know it has a virus! ARgh! I went on Clarissa's computer, and the internet breaks down! I have no way of turning in my paper now!!! After desperation, the internet decides to work again. I re-sign back onto my English Class (our classroom is on the net) and my professor changed the due date! Well....praise and the Lord! AND....OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! ARGH!

It's 1:22 am. I have a paper to write for my NT class...due last Thursday. It's 1:23 am . I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE THAT PAPER. That is why I am blogging. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! But I love my Bible classes, they are very interesting. It's 1:24 am. I am tired and mad. I'm still in my dress. I haven't changed. I got home at 10:45 pm tonight from the cell group. I do not like getting home late. I HATE THAT. We had to go to walgreens and get a prescription. They told us that the prescription we are supposed to pick up will be ready at 8:30 pm. We arrived at walgreens at 9:20 pm and the prescription was NOT ready. They said to wait a while and they will page my mom when the prescription is ready. They DID NOT PAGE my mom, and THEY CLOSED DOWN THE PHARMACY ON US!!! My mom needs the prescription for my nanay so she had to contact the manager so he could open the pharmacy, find the prescription (or fill it if it is not filled), and give it to us.

Walgreens employees are NOT GOOD AT COSTUMER SERVICE! At that note...WALMART EMPLOYEES HAVE THE WORST ATTITUDE! Of course I am generalizing, but only because the majority of Wal-Mart employees I have met DO have the worst, annoying, "I know better than you" attitude. This lady employee gave me attitude because I asked for an application! Another lady employee told us (Amafel and I) to stop trying on the make-up when we were not even touching them! THEN, I caught her telling another lady employee that Amafel was trying on the make-up and putting it back on the shelf! OMG!!! AMAFEL NEVER PUT BACK THAT FOUNDATION ON THE SHELF. SHE TOOK IT OFF, OPENED IT TO LOOK THAT IT MATCHES HER SKIN TONE, CLOSED IT, KEPT IT IN HER HANDS, AND BOUGHT IT!

ALBERTSONS have nice employees. I like them.

It's 1:33 am. I have a paper to write and I don't want to. I want to sleep.

I wonder if we can sue Wal-mart for false advertisement (tv commercials of NICE employees who are there to make us smile....yea riiite...)

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