Friday, April 16, 2004

here's reality: my friend Christopher Yamamoto "Chris" is with the Lord now. i was in sort of a shock on Tuesday night near midnight...bout the time they were gonna pull him off life support (and they did). Wednesday I couldn't cry. Thursday, I was in class when I received Pastor Randy's emails. I started crying (repressed cuz I dont want the whole class looking, dur). He attached Chris' photo. It's Friday. I know Chris is gone. I know he's rejoicing with God. It hasn't hit me big, I guess.

I miss Chris. I have never lost a friend before. My grandpa died when I was young, but I couldn't get to know him cuz he was in the states when I was in the Philippines. So Chris is the first. He's so young. But he's better off in heaven--no pain, no problems, just rest.

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