Sunday, April 25, 2004

Change happens all the time. I know it. Everyone knows it, and literally everyone. Even babies notice change. Change happens all the time, but it creeps up on you. Changes blow us astounded. I can't believe the changes that happened in this month, April, alone.

First of all, I stopped going to youth nights. I started a kidz cell. After April, youth nights will be stopped. The focus is on cell groups, and youth nets. Chris died (yes, I said it bluntly. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. No remorse because he's in heaven rejoicing). For the four times I donated blood, the most recent one was when I got sick immediately after. Mikki is moving to the Philippines.

Changes are all around me. It's overwhelming at times, but it seems like change is now the way of life.

Change started when River of Life Family Church was born. Several of our youth members left and helped Pastor Randy with ROLFC, as is the right thing to do.

The youth leadership changed. Five lives of youth changed. They became much closer--Norman, Ezekiel, Peter, Amafel, and Angela (me). THE CORE. They grew in character, they grew in knowledge, but most of all, they grew in God. But the growth did not seem enough. THE CORE fell apart. I will admit that. Relationships damaged. Friendships changed. HURT. PAIN. ANGER. GRUDGE. CONFUSION. BETRAYAL. All within THE CORE, the main leadership. Whoever said that the top of the top do not have things to learn? But God is great. God is just. GOD HAS A PLAN. He was working with these leaders--with us, and we learned, and grew some more...much more.

Before 2004 came around, a HUGE change took over the Filipino Christian Church. Simply put--G12. The Vision of the Government of Twelve. This G12 took over, not only the youth leadership, but the whole leadership of the church. A wonderful vision of "win souls and make disciples." Now in 2004, we are in the G12, and standing in awe at what God is doing with our church.

Whatever happend to THE CORE? Come 2004, THE CORE is no more. It does not align with the G12, and we always submit to our pastor and leaders. There is no set youth leadership, I guess, until after Norman establishes his 12. What happened to the people of The Core? Norman is the head of the Youth Net. Ezekiel is heading the Youth Quest Committee, under Norman. Peter is in worship. Amafel's a Sunday School teacher. She also attends my cell group. Me? I'm the head of the Children's Net. I have my teachers under me. I have 2 cells, a youth ladies and a kidz cell. I'm just depending on the Holy Spirit.

Our church name is also going to be changed from Filipino Christian Church to...well, I don't know yet.

Our School of Leaders classes are also being changed. They are more strict. If we aim to have the best scores at secular schools, how much more should we aim to be the best in a school for God?

Change is all around. Changes in church. Changes in personal lives. Changes in school. Change is inevitable, and that's okay. It may take us by surprise, or we might expect it. No matter how change comes to us, if we just depend on God, we'll get through it--change--for better or worse.

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