Friday, February 13, 2004

well, havent blogged for some time, or it seems like it. i am at a loss on which bumper sticker saying i should write an essay about for my english class :) hahaha. this should be fun. n im actually sincere about that =D

i have to find a bday gift for a married 21 yrs old best friend i have :) wut should i get her? maybe ill cook dinner n give it to her sumday so she wont have to. uh....does she cook neway??? haha!

so my family is goin up to the snow on monday. i didnt even know that. i was told by a non-family member...not even a relative. no1 tells me nething! oh well, i dont like being cold neway. if we're goin to a place where sum1 can teach me how to snowboard, den hey, im down to go.

ooh, my arm is in pain. imma stop writing...iz buggin mucho. deng.

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