Friday, February 20, 2004

im at work. iz 1:30 pm. i got outta my school b4 12. pretty early. hope she doesnt count it against me. we were at da library supposedly gonna start on our research but i opt to do da service project, 20 hrs of volunteer work, as opposed to the research paper. she knows im doing dat. so i up and left. i plan on leaving at 2 pm 2day or 2:30.

there's a new guy that started yesterday. travis. he sed he's a "good friend of eugene" WOW. haha...he is SO not like eugene! he's more of a grungy type. he went to valley christian. he knows bethany! wut da heck!!! 4realz??? he talks a lot...talks more. eugene juss isolates himself. good friend??? wow. hahahaha....yaw....he needs a haircut. hahahaha....

newho. goin to nuts n bolts tomorrow. gotta leave at like 4:30 in da morning! wow! daz so not nice. haha. i bought cookies from albertsons for da ride. marvie's sleepin over. oooh...gotta ask clare if she can sleep in her room wid her! mayn! i keep forgetting. neway.

i still have to call da ppl up. yup yup yup. and tell em wut to bring. gotta ask papa if we can use our van. normz can drive it. or i can but i refuse to drive. PUH-LEASE...for 3 hours???? eh???? no, no, no, i think not.

i hope my dad let's us use the van cuz if not, imma have to drive. ill juss tell him. haha. he wouldnt want me to drive 3 hrs. nope nope nope. so yaw. hmm...iz almost 2pm. should i leave or stay? i wonder, i wonder.

i heard josh n ron were at my house. den dey left. den kris came over. dont get breaks like da high schoolers do. haha. iz koo tho, im aite. cuz i like college better dan high school.

yes, i do. i get to set my own schedule (to an extent of course), the teachers dont really breathe down ur back for not doin ur work (some do of course), you can take online classes, you can take classes in different colleges, you can choose the classes you want to take, you can take as much or as little classes as you want, classes can get cancelled, you have longer breaks like winter break and get out earlier in da summer, and you just seem to have more freedom.

downsides are you pay $ to go to college.

~~~ok, im leavin at 2:30 cuz my supervisor asked i juss sed 2:30 cuz iz 2 already~~~

so yea. u pay to go to college. u pay a lot of $ for books, u study more. u have to be able to study on your own. u commute all over da place...ok, fine...I commute all over the place. u usually have a job, so u work. if u dont work, ur tryin to find work. u can be a loner...iz hard to keep in contact wid ur friends. u struggle to get the classes you want and need in the time and the days you want and available. ur not always in break as every1 else.

but yaw. like college better :) haha.

newayz...haha...jeremiah, steph, n i had a brief little convo bout eugene. haha! wow!

hmm...15 min. otay, imma work. like 4realz diz time :)

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