Saturday, January 10, 2004

sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much....

hah. where'd dat come from???

ever had a "friend" who's not really a friend but more like a business associate but you call each other friends for the sake of your other friends or your crew cuz you're all supposed to be friends? ever felt like you were friends with that person but ish happened, and now, you can't be friends anymore but you must be "friends" cuz you can't get outta da arrangement you're in right now. you're business associates, even though you don't have a business. as just TOLERATE that person cuz you have to. ever had that?

if you had, ever wanted to be friends...real friends...with that person again? but you cant cuz ish might rise back up again? ever had that happen to you?

interesting isnt?


so what to do? hey, if you know, you juss give me a holla and let me kno, aite. haha. wut to do? just suck up your pride and befriend that person cuz life's too short for ish like this.

know wut. yep, i did do dat. sucked up my pride and befriended my "friend" and i thought we were friends. but hey, eh. didnt happen. see...when i befriended my "friend", wut "friendship" we had, that person used it against me when we got into a i had hidden motives. to me, that's stepping over man. friends dont do that. that person just assumed...and you kno wut happens wen u assume? you make an ass out of you and me. you make an "ass" out of YOU FIRST. then cuz you did that, you bring down the other sux doesnt it?

so...."friends" "friendship" wut to do? i dont know. you tell me.

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