Wednesday, January 28, 2004

im tired. im at work. been here since 7 am. got up late 2day. havent taken a shower! haha! but iz koo. imma take a shower wen i get home. i get off work at noon neway. imma go pick up a check that i think da ppl are holding for me. hmmm....i should do dat now....ok, brb.

wow....she's in a meeting till 12. suuuuck. oh well. fine. man, i hate this. this...depending on salary. worryin bout money. it started on monday! the very first time i truly worried about my finances and money i had in my bank account. i told my mom i went down from over $500 to under $200 in less than a month because of school books and stuff. she said that that's the way it is. and she said "live from paycheck to paycheck" here's my take on that....

NO! im a child of God and if da sl classes lessons my mom also prepares and hands out have taught me anything, it's this....abundant life. christians do not have to be poor! i have NEVER EVER worried about money for my future. sometimes i feel like cuz i just depend on my parents even thought i know we get into financial jams. but i have ALWAYS had faith that God will provide and i will not settle on living from paycheck to paycheck. i will not panic that i cant pick up my paycheck. no! no! no! God is my Jehovah-Jireh. I have NEVER worried bout my finances for the future, i WILL NOT start now. stinking world....making me back up on my faith. i dont think so. yea, it caught me off-handed but im going back to God. He's my accountant. He handles all my accounts and finances. i havent worried, i dont worry, i will not worry. money is nothing. it could help in this world but it's ultimately nothing. worry bout finances? nah, nah. that doesn't work. i dont like numbers. i trust in God alone.

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