Tuesday, December 30, 2003

wow, im so tired. im at work, as usual, where else would i be surfing da net. haha, jk. neway, im leaving early 2day, but ammie has to call me 1st n let me kno wassa. im extremely tired of doing diz work. im...eh...i dont even kno what im doing. im inputting stuff in da comp tho...dates....im tired of looking at dates....ahhh!!! 6 min to lunch time. *sigh* gonna go bk to buy lunch 2day...went bk yesterday, bought salad...$5...deng.

lolz...our unit is funny...we have drama...we're like the soap opera unit of this building. haha!

im beat. i think ill leave @ 3. hmm...new year's eve tomorrow. im working till 2. like christmas eve. nice, eh? oh well.

4 min. im hungry.

im playing wid da mouse ball...iz kensington expert mouse and da bal is huge n on top n removable n iz kewl. i want a mouse like diz :)

lunch time!

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