Friday, December 26, 2003

well, i am @ work. working full time over da break. i have nothing to do. like always. so im online. kinda scared cuz im in debbie's cubicle (she's on vacation) and iz out in the open where people can see. so yea. haha. but i finished her incoming mail. and im supposed to do this thingy but sumting's up wid da system we're using or sumting. so yea. my friend's asking her mom, who is our supervisor. mmhmm. my godmother told me she's gonna try to find work 4 me over at the library...cuz they start pay at $12 n dey work round ur schedule, so daz good.

i have to contact my school for the results of the first time freshmen math & english evaluation thingy, if i ever took dat thing. so i dont have to take it at the jc. yaw. neway, im bored outta mind rite

i want to go on break!!! ahhhh!!! sall good...iz da weekend tomorrow. eck. i hafta prepare 4 tomorrow. ic ic ic ic. arity den. tell clare to follow-up. fa sho. gotta go sears after work 2day. mmhmm.

christmas was fun. got nice gifts, but best of all...spent time wid family. spent time wid da tita nory, tito jerry, sam, & shobe; tita mimi, tito rogel, mark, & marielle. marielle is adorable!!!!!!! she's a sweety. she is. shobe's cute too...chubby :) hehe. n sarah actually went to me. lolz. she's warming up. cute cuzins i have. daz koo.

wow. im bored. found sumting to do n im bored.

got 4 christmas...diz list occupies me so bear wid me, if u dont want to...dont read :) haha: arite...
purity ring (wid birth stone)
este lauder (sp?) makeup & kit
book (from bash)
winnie the pooh socks
that link bracelet wid pink heart link
red shirt
newsboy hat
blanket throw
$25 card jamba juice
$? card starbucks
ear muffs
big choco hershey's kiss
box of pot of gold
"A" stationery
bible concordance
card w/ choco
memo reminder w/ voice recorder

wow work juss got harder n more confusing. im actually doin sumting rite now and thoroughly confused :) at least it'll kill time. oh yea.

lunch time.

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