Monday, December 29, 2003

i am so at work. have 20 more min till i get to go home. iz been windy n rainy. dont like it, makes me very sleepy :) neway, im doin actual work at work now. lolz. requires bit more thinking dan wut i usually do. i want to go home now. still have to go to library after work n return some stuff.

had an exciting time wid the girls last night :) christmas in the park :) fun times, fun times! had a journey by exiting the wrong exit. den found free parking daz next to downtown ice. first thing we did in da park was buy food n eat :) lolz. haha. yep. den we went to downtown ice and watched. watched dat cute instructor guy! n da girls n jason...oops, 4got bout jason...well, dey rode on 1001 natchs. feel like describing it. but i didnt ride on it. ive ridden dat kind of ride b4 n i dont like it. not much of a roller person, scary ride type of person. so i held dey're stuff and took pictures. had fun still. den went back to the park and we all went into the hyatt to use the bathroom cuz we didnt want to use the porter potty. hahaha! some girls took *ahem* souvenirs *ahem* from the bathroom. amafel found a nitch thing...oooh man, dat was kewl!!! hope da pix come out. den went back towards da park, figured out dat it was 8 pm n need to get back home. so we went home. didnt really go through da park! haha! iz koo, iz koo. had fun still :) and a girl in white and jeans farted! haha...who can it be? kristine? clarissa? michelle? they were triplets dat night! haha! fun stuff. wow...da girls been all over da place together.

me, my sisters, amafel, n kris went to japan together. haha...yes we did.
christmas in the park
east pa

ooh!!! get to go home now! yay!

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